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Science of Sweating for Detox

  • Sweat Science 1406 9 Ave SE Calgary, AB T2G 0T5 (map)

Science of Sweating for Detox: Get your sweat on and learn about it’s detoxifying powers

With Dr. Travis Cox & Jessica Pecush

Do you like getting your sweat on during a good workout? What if you can do that and benefit from enhancing your detox capacity at the same time? Then come to our Science of Sweat Workshop to learn about the how to enhance your cleansing power of sweating and combine it with a kick butt boxing workout designed to make you drenched!

From this one of a kind workshop you’ll walk away with;

  • Understanding of when and when not to Detox

  • Learn how to make the most effective personalized detox strategies

  • A brief overview of Functional Medicine approaches to cleansing the mind-body-spirit

  • Sample some tasty Jusu organic cold-pressed juices to get a taste of the healing powers of plant based functional foods

  • A quiz to score your potential need for a Detox

  • A free Foundational e-guide to Biohacking